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The maintenance team is arguably the most important element of the Flood Management Group. There is no doubt that the problems we faced in December 2015 were made worse due to blocked drains and culverts, poor drainage across roads and paths. In addition gravel accumulation around key “choke” points like bridges meant that becks burst their banks earlier that would otherwise have been the case.  The team has been working hard with both the EA and Highways teams to identify and resolve the key problem areas, and to agree a regular maintenance programme for the future, with as much local control as possible. The maintenance team will also coordinate and carry out any emergency work as part of our emergency plans.

Thanks to the generous support of the Cumbria Community Foundation we have now been able to employ a Parish Lengthsman for the next two years, who is paid for 10 hours a week of maintenance work and ends up doing about 20 more hours for free!



See the latest recovery action plan including news on the Glenridding Beck Wall repairs and the latest updates on Jenkins Field


See more photos from the floods of December 2015 and the recovery work that is still ongoing in Glenridding, Patterdale, Deepdale and Hartsop.


Find out more about our Community Flood Plan, including our resilience planning and upstream beck management

Successes to Date

Still to Sort

  1. Ongoing work with Highways on road drain and culvert clearing and installation of new drains where needed
  2. Beck depths taken and levels set for Glenridding, Grisedale, Goldrill, Deepdale and Cow bridges
  3. Beck clearance in Glenridding, Goldrill Hayeswater and Grisedale Becks
  4. Gulley/Culvert clearance in Glenridding and Patterdale
  1. Agree maintenance process for gravel management at key points with EA
  2. Identify further drainage required for key roads and infrastructure
  3. Carry out regular maintenance!

Community Flood Group Action Plan

Beck Depth Measurements taken 14th Feb 2016 - click the image to see more information

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Glenridding Beck Depth Measurements taken 21st October 2017

Measuring the depth of Glenridding Bridge - Oct 2017